My artist statement
VICTORIA romanova, Performance and nft artist

I have gone from a modest girl who grew up in a traditional Caucasian family to a successful artist who travels and performs around the world.

The pain of losing my family gave me the impetus to understand my mission. One night I dreamed that I was painting pictures with my body. This was the key moment.

It became clear to me what to do and in what order.

So I did my first performance in Bali.

After some time I began selling artworks in NFT.

I bring to the world the ideas of freedom of creativity, freedom of expression, freedom for women. This freedom allows us to push the boundaries of art and technology and bring new perspectives and ideas into the world.

My story
I was born in the Caucasus. My region has rich and beautiful culture and traditions. But these same traditions also require a certain behavior from a woman. In the Caucasian family, the freedom of a woman is greatly infringed. I had a patriarchal and conservative upbringing, which resulted in the fact that in my adult life, even after moving to Moscow, where free views reign, I was still very reserved and shy.
My way
In a couple of years ago, terrible events took place in my life - after a long illness, my father passed away, and a year later my mother and my brother.

This event shocked me and unsettled me. And then there was a rethinking and reassessment of my whole life - I saw and felt that I had a mission.

I realized that I can change something in my family. The healing of the family is on me, and it is quite possible to do this through conveying other meanings. I wanted to disconnect from Egregor of restrictions and restriction of liberty.

As a personality, I have died many times - you cannot go to a new level while remaining the same.
When the death of the old and the birth of the new takes place, I thought that I wanted to build a new one. I moved from marketing to creativity.

I had a clear intention to find my way, change my life and do something for the world.

I had a request and one night - I dreamed how I paint pictures with my body. I got up and began to write plans. Ideas came quickly. I then lived in Bali and the first performance I had was on a rock overlooking the ocean.

I realized that NFT is a new direction in contemporary art, and I began to post my works on cryo-platforms. As I expected, there were collectors who began to buy my NFT art.

I bring into the world the ideas of freedom, freedom of creativity, freedom of manifestation, freedom for women.

My art allowed me to help people. In Bali I made a performance with a boy who was sick - he had cancer. I sold the painting as NFT and transferred the proceeds to the treatment of the boy. I belive that I can help more people.
My performance is a unique show
My performance is a unique show that cannot be repeated twice. It is impossible to rehearse it and the uniqueness of the paintings is that they are in a single copy and each has its own story.

This is a confession of a naked body on canvas. As a sign that the body is a unique tool that can withstand any test and load

As an artist, I believe that freedom of art is essential to our creative growth and expression. Just as every brush stroke or pixel represents a unique expression of our imagination, so too should our work be free from constraints or limitations.

This freedom allows us to push the boundaries of art and technology and to bring new perspectives and ideas to the world
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