buy a piece of art and get an art-session as a present
I set myself a goal as an artist to raise $100,000 to develop my talent.
When buying any painting or NFT, you will receive an art session with me personally as a gift. Don't miss my opportuniity
Everyone can be totally happy. you should Follow your path
Every person, I'm sure, dreams of knowing their purpose and mission. What does he do and how to be useful, so much so that you also get paid for it.
Hear your inner voice more clearly and distinctly. Feel what is yours and what is not. Knowing what you really want is the greatest joy.
You need to hear yourself and walk the road that space shows
Meditation and the creative process is one of the best ways to hear yourself.

My art opens hearts and souls. This is something you don't prepare for. You just need to come and take it.

Love to you! And more creativity.
Why you need art-therapy?
I work on 3 levels - body, mind, energy.

Feminine energy is the source. For the flow of life in the source, freedom and lightness are needed
We are used to have boundaries
Control is always based on fear. By letting go of control, we take the bar higher and rise above our fears. This is how we see ourselves and our value better.
When you are buying any peace of my art - you are getting personal art-session as a gift
Dive in
We cultivate interest in life. All the answers are already inside. You just have to dive in. Look into yourself, into your life. All this is easy to get in my field and in the creative flow. The request can be absolutely anything.
What You'll Get
with art-session
Deep work with fears
- fear of showing up
- fear of letting go
- fear of relaxing and trusting
- fear of how to live, what to do, what is my realization
New level of sensations
- increased sensibility and sensitivity
- boost sexual energy
- feel bliss and lightness
- getting to know yourself and your body
Stop the chaotic stream of thoughts that does not allow you to soberly evaluate your life.
I am an artist using body as a brush
One day I closed my marketing agency and decided to devote myself to creativity

Do you know what body painting gave me?

I got to know the real me!

I have not experienced this before
Before an art practitioner, never.

Art is commitment
We ignore ourselves
We bury dreams, goals, desires alive
Because of fears, doubts and insecurities

When the paint touches my body, Magic happens.
I don't see anything anymore and I don't remember anything
I don't even know how to draw

It's the flow that just goes out

The female body is a work of art.

Anything can become art.
Art makes it possible to share the craziest ideas.
How you can invest in my art?
You can buy NFT or buy a picture which is available for sale
My NFT colleection
I invested a lot of time in creating my performances. All my performances included big team of professionals
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ART for sale
1.5X1.5 acrylic
Soul Experience
2.0X3.0 acrylic
1.45X1.1. acrylic.
1.5X1.5. acrylic.
1.5X1.5. acrylic.
Deep psychological practice

Suitable for
  • all women and man who want new sensations, sexual
  • married couples who want to discover a new level of
intimacy, new emotions, and a new sexual experience

Duration: from 2 to 3 hours
personal $5,000
group 1 500$ (3 people)
from 500 $
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