Soul Experience
This story is about the feelings of each of us
Soul Experience
This story is about the feelings of each of us
On February 24, the world learned that the war had begun. The next 3-4 days were terrible as it is too difficult to take all the information noise about war on the Internet, realizing that somewhere right now people are dying.

I understood that all we can do is continue to create something that can now heal. For me, art is always about healing.

The soul comes to earth is pure and innocent. At the beginning of the performance, I am lying in a fetal position on a black canvas, and only red paint falls on the body. Red is a symbol of blood. The soul begins its journey, its wanderings, its history on this canvas, in its life. This is the path when you go through pain, despair, disappointment and become stronger.

The performance very clearly shows how the colors are changing from the darkest to the lightest ones, these are the moments when a person has hope, when the soul goes through trials one after another, and as a result, inspires and rises from its knees. The painting also depicts the birth of a new life.

That is a very deep story about all of us, about the fact we have to live now at this moment in time, about the world, about all the pain that we had to endure and about all those people who are still enduring this being in the war zone, relatives of soldiers who did not return from this war.


I am extremely grateful to everyone who participated in this, and I believe that we create the world ourselves, and there will definitely be peace in the world.

Our project is a big step that will lead to the fact that art will become an integral part of people's lives, it will always be a beacon of the right path

COMPOSER: Kondranin Anatoly