The world where everything comes out of nothing
Ether for me is a source of inspiration, energy. This is not only a cryptocurrency, but also an invisible thin shell of the body and the earth.

The entire performance is dedicated to the creation of the earth and life on earth. If you look closely, you can see: each color denotes a certain element (earth, water, air, fire), and in the middle is ether. That is, I draw energy from the ether and create through this my art, my paintings.
Ether is a new life in the spiritual and material world. Ethereum has every chance of becoming the №1 cryptocurrency. This is the creation of a new ecosystem.

Blockchain is as fundamental technology as the creation of life in general. I have created a new world out of ether, a world where everything comes out of nothing. Ether’s energy feeds all around itself. It appears from nowhere and goes nowhere. Blockchain is our home, a new point of measuring things. General energy. Feels common as it unites us all. Here we create. This is all our reality. WELCOME.

COMPOSER: Kondranin Anatoly